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We were established in 1939 as a gluing machinery and glue manufacturer. Today we service the craft and wall art industry with products ranging from mounting equipment using our adhesives to acrylic embellishments. We have a small glue bottle with a ball-and-spring valve that's great for scrapbooking and for gluing matboard.
We are also one of the largest Glue Dot distributors in the northeast!
The quality of our products is the most important offering we have, but our customer service is a very close second. UPS Orders received before noon are shipped the same day!

Gluefast’s new CV Spray Kit applies our water based acrylic coating onto artwork, enhancing and protecting canvas or paper prints. Kit includes a pint of our water-based acrylic CV 2300UV gloss coating with uv protection, two Preval Sprayer units and a pistol grip handle.
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