Craft 2000 LLC

6555 Bandini Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90040-3119
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| call us at 562-806-6967
Craft 2000 LLC is your Full Service Craft and Hobby Supplier.

We carry all of your crafting need including but not limited to:
♦ Nondurable Goods
♦ Paper Crafts
♦ Handmade Papermaking
♦ Mosaics
♦ Enameling Paints and accessories
♦ Mask Making
♦ Beads or beading accessories
♦ Foam crafts
♦ Chenille stem crafts
♦ Ribbon making materials
♦ Craft Poms
♦ Wiggle eyes materials

If it needs to me in your craft kit chances are we carry it.